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HotS keys anyone?
  Drakk, Mar 21 2015

edit: d0ne sry

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4Weeks of cashgame
  Drakk, Jul 31 2012

Hello, so I joined Bongky/Spewtard's stakehouse, because I felt my 100 bb play was pretty bad, since I made the most money off poker from turbo sng/mtt.

My first day or 2 went extremely well, then all hell broke loose lol...

Anyways i'll keep it real short; here's what it looks like after 4 weeks.

I played 19k hands just this week, 10~ tabling, with +250 net result, which makes me happy, although I would have expected my results to be way better than this when I started.

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WTS HC NA d3 gold
  Drakk, May 30 2012

I'm done with the game. I have a TON low-mid level stuff. 7 mules semi/filled with items for starting/leveling characters + full stash. 1.4M gold atm, could sell a ton and get 2M pretty quickly. LMK

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